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Pokeberry Pink Ritual Herb & Clay Mask

This mask is in powder form, and will create at least 20 face masks for you to use!

 The Pokeberry Pink Ritual Herb & Clay & Mask is made with skin supporting herbs, mineral rich bentonite clay, and a wild-crafted, hand-processed pokeberry juice powder. The intention of this mask, while a lovely skincare product, is really to invite fun, playfulness and remembrance back into our daily lives.

Add liquid and watch the powder go from gray to a bright fuchsia, and then feel the childlike wonder of smearing mashed up flowers and berries on your face. While the poke plant is often maligned as "poisonous", only some parts of the plant are actually toxic. The seeds, one of the toxic parts, are carefully removed without being broken to ensure the safety of the benign berry juice.

While it is very rare, some people may have a contact dermatitis reaction to any part of the plant, so please do a small patch test on the inside of your wrist before using on your face.