About Us

Who is Sister Nettle? 

Sister Nettle is a brand, a container, and a person.

Sister Nettle as a brand is a homeplace for women who are drawn to beauty in all forms and cultivating a relationship with what they wear. The workplace of Sister Nettle is a communal space for women - maidens and mothers, who are led by love of textiles, and choose to do this work because they want to. We are friends, co-workers, and dreamers.

Megan Borukhovsky is the creator and visionary behind all of Sister Nettle's offerings.  She began printing on clothing in 2018, and has never looked back. Stepping into this work took her away from homesteading, and brought her home among her ancestors through fashion.

Growing up, her maternal grandmother Monica took her shopping every year before school, and made a huge event of the occasion. It was a deeply important part of her grandmother's healing from ancestral wounding to make sure her descendants feel beautiful, stylish, and well-adorned. Megan's connection to her matrilineal line, and her own expression of love outwards into the world, is channeled through clothing. This is a deeply personal project, that is larger than Megan herself and ripples out into the way the clothing created here impacts the lives of our customers. 

Sister Nettle is based in Knoxville, Tennessee, and is composed of a handful of women who work out of a shared studio space, and from home. All of our clothing is handmade.

We are inspired by the sentience in nature, the healing power of plants and art, and the regenerative medicine of working with our hands and with each other. We hope to offer a thread of this magic to all who interact with our work.

Our vision is to create beautiful products that support beautiful livelihoods.  May these offerings serve their highest purpose to the fullest in your life!

A few of our immensely important team members: 

Meg Borukhovsky - Owner + Creator

Mattie - childcare 

Jordyn - seamstress, blockprinter 

Morgana - blockprinter

 Catlyn Jessie - Admin Support + Customer Service

 Not shown here: Anna - blockprinter, Kristin - botanical dyer