Hiring: A Printing Apprentice!

** You do not need to have prior blockprinting experience to apply for this position. You will be trained over a period of 1-2 months, while fulfilling other tasks part-time like packing & shipping. **

Sister Nettle started as a one-woman project, but its growth has allowed us to team up with numerous creators--from artists, seamstresses, natural fabric dyers, and more. I am focused on ethical sourcing of products, implementing sustainability practices wherever possible, and supporting women-led businesses and women artists, especially in the Southeast region. 

In order to continue to expand our offerings & allow me more time to create & build relationships with other makers, I am looking for a printing apprentice to take over 2-3 of our core designs. This job will entail 20-25 hours a week blockprinting clothing by hand. I've been doing this work solo for almost two years now, and it's time to hand over some of this work to a new pair of hands.

I'm limiting printing to 25 hours, because I just don't think anyone (including myself) needs to be printing longer than that in a week. It's important that the work stays fulfilling and that we feel in control of our schedules. The position, depending on the person, could easily become a 30-40 hour position, if the applicant has an interest in managing elements of our packing, shipping, inventory, or customer service. Right now a number of people are juggling these different tasks, and over time we will allocate specific tasks and elements to long-term positions. The apprenticeship period will also give you a chance to do a little of each element, depending on what I feel could be a good fit for you too. 

During the apprenticeship period, you will be practicing printing on raw fabric, and then with the specific patterns & clothing items you will be responsible for. Initially, you will work alongside me, and eventually, you will be able to come and go as you need on your time to complete the work. If we move through this period and you and I both decide it's a good fit, you will then take over printing completely for 2-3 core designs, that you will print a set amount of each week (it will vary seasonally, and by update) and we will offer them ready to ship on the website. Pay will be determined per item. (Ie: you will be given 30 items a week to print, on your own time and schedule, and be paid for the 30 items upon completion.) 

Block printing is a skill that anyone can learn, but it will take time to become confident and most importantly, consistent, in your work. It also requires a tolerance of working in indoor conditions with fabric ink, getting the ink on your hands, prep & clean-up, patient and quality workmanship, attention to detail for sizing changes per item, placement of stamps both by measurement and intuition, and other elements we will discuss more in the interview process. 

We are expanding our team and will be working in the same location as another local women-owned business. Our long-term goals involve plans around a potential brick & mortar location, a community space, hosting live events, and a focus on redistributing wealth and supporting the causes we are closely aligned with and accountable to. Anyone we bring onto the team at this time, we envision as being a core part of this growth and vision unfolding. 

If this position interests you, please note that the hiring process with be slow, as I will be seeking applicants from now until the fall, when the work will begin. But I want to extend the opportunity now, in the hopes that it reaches the right person between now and then! 

To apply, please send Sister Nettle an email at hello@sisternettle.com, with your resume and a response to the below questions:

Position you are applying for:
Preferred Name & Pronouns:
The city you live in currently:
Your expected availability in the fall of 2020 (what other obligations/work/school do you have?):
Why you want to work for Sister Nettle & what you hope to gain from this job:
What prior experience you have that you feel could be applied to this job:
Describe your understanding of Sister Nettle's business model, what we do & why we do it:
What is more important to you in your life than this work and will take precedence (your partner, your child, your own artwork, your degree?):
What does your ideal work situation look like? (Hours, location, environment, team):
Your astrological sign & enneagram number: 
Anything else you would like to share with me or find important to this position:



Meg, Creatress of Sister Nettle  



Always Hiring: Seamstresses!

Sister Nettle is truly always on the lookout for people to collaborate with and employ for local/regional creative projects. We currently collaborate with seamstresses and small textile businesses in two ways:
1) We employ seamstresses as independent contractors that create patterns, dye fabric, and sew for Sister Nettle. The pieces we co-create with contracted seamstresses are considered exclusive pieces created for and by Sister Nettle. Similar to the above relationship, we often collaborate one-on-one with unique, seasonal, themed offerings - and love to incorporate the preferences and styles of the individual seamstresses. Labor is calculated on a per piece basis, and we order in small-medium batches (depending on what any one seamstress wishes to take on). In this situation the seamstress typically creates anywhere from 1-3 items for Sister Nettle at any given time. 
2) We order pre-existing items under your personal brand or company line, made to order for Sister Nettle. Sometimes (often times) we work on unique, collaborative, seasonal pieces - but we also love to order wholesale quantities of your existing items that you create and sell under your own label. We keep your label/credit on the items + in our listings! A huge element of what we do here is promote and work alongside other brands and companies we believe in. Blockprinting or embroidery detail is usually added to the items by Sister Nettle, and the finished piece is sold as a collaborative one.
We prioritize working with individuals and brands in our region (but not exclusively, so don't be shy!) which we consider to be Nashville, TN, Knoxville, TN and nearby cities Like Asheville, NC and Johnson City, TN. Please contact us at hello@sisternettle.com or fill out the contact form on our "wholesale/collaboration" page to get in touch!