Part-Time Customer Service

Sister Nettle is growing, y’all! 

I’m seeking a work-from-home candidate in the Nashville area to help with customer service throughout the week (once/day or every few days depending on need) and to be on call during peak hours for shop updates (1-2 days/once a month.) 

Duties to start will include replying to customer inquiries, assisting in managing orders, and making necessary changes to orders. This position will start on a trial basis leading up to the June update, and if we feel you’re a good fit for the team after the update, we will discuss expanding the position and hours to focus on the work you want to be doing beyond remote customer service, and becoming an integral part of the team.

The right candidate for the role must be willing to prioritize this work, even if they work from home already and (understandably) have other commitments. My focus is on building a core team of people that are responsive, accountable and handle customer service with the brand and ethics of Sister Nettle in mind. This role of customer service will be transitioning away from Meg, who has handled it for the last two years, and into the hands of someone trusted. You’ll be able to (mostly) work whenever you’d like, and from the comfort of your own home. 

Sister Nettle started as a one-woman project, but its growth has allowed us to team up with numerous creators--from artists, seamstresses, natural fabric dyers, and more. I am focused on ethical sourcing of products, implementing sustainability practices wherever possible, and supporting women-led businesses and women artists, especially in the Southeast region. 

The possible expansion of this position (in June) may include packaging, shipping, inventory management, and apprenticing to block print core pieces under Meg’s direction. 


  • Available to respond to/assist Meg and other team members as needed on a daily/weekly basis during typical work hours (9-5 pm M-F) 
  • Available to assist with customer service during peak hours of shop updates (dates and times vary, but will be coordinated 1-2 months ahead of time to allow for scheduling conflicts of team members) 
  • Wifi/internet connection available with consistent service M-F and during updates

Pay will be hourly as an independent contractor (for now.) 

Please send Sister Nettle an email with your resume and any relevant information as to how/why this position may be of interest to you. 


Meg, Creatress of Sister Nettle  



Always Hiring: Seamstresses!

Sister Nettle is truly always on the lookout for people to collaborate with and employ for local/regional creative projects. We currently collaborate with seamstresses and small textile businesses in two ways:
1) We employ seamstresses as independent contractors that create patterns, dye fabric, and sew for Sister Nettle. The pieces we co-create with contracted seamstresses are considered exclusive pieces created for and by Sister Nettle. Similar to the above relationship, we often collaborate one-on-one with unique, seasonal, themed offerings - and love to incorporate the preferences and styles of the individual seamstresses. Labor is calculated on a per piece basis, and we order in small-medium batches (depending on what any one seamstress wishes to take on). In this situation the seamstress typically creates anywhere from 1-3 items for Sister Nettle at any given time. 
2) We order pre-existing items under your personal brand or company line, made to order for Sister Nettle. Sometimes (often times) we work on unique, collaborative, seasonal pieces - but we also love to order wholesale quantities of your existing items that you create and sell under your own label. We keep your label/credit on the items + in our listings! A huge element of what we do here is promote and work alongside other brands and companies we believe in. Blockprinting or embroidery detail is usually added to the items by Sister Nettle, and the finished piece is sold as a collaborative one.
We prioritize working with individuals and brands in our region (but not exclusively, so don't be shy!) which we consider to be Nashville, TN, Knoxville, TN and nearby cities Like Asheville, NC and Johnson City, TN. Please contact us at hello@sisternettle.com or fill out the contact form on our "wholesale/collaboration" page to get in touch!