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Sister Nettle started as a one-woman project, but its growth has allowed us to team up with numerous creators--from artists, seamstresses, natural fabric dyers, and more. We are focused on ethical sourcing of products, implementing sustainability practices wherever possible, and supporting women-led businesses and women artists, especially in the Southeast region. 

HIRING: local dye artist - independent contractor 

based in Nashville, TN, with experience dyeing garments and raw fabric. (Does not need to be botanical dye experience!) needs to be able to commute to/work in an outdoor dye space seasonally, and/or have a workspace at home, with room to dye full size garments. 

To apply, please send Sister Nettle an email at, with your resume and a response to the below questions:

Position you are applying for:
Preferred Name & Pronouns:
The city you live in currently:
Your expected availability in the fall of 2020 (what other obligations/work/school do you have?):
Why you want to work for Sister Nettle & what you hope to gain from this job:
What prior experience you have that you feel could be applied to this job:
Describe your understanding of Sister Nettle's business model, what we do & why we do it:
What is more important to you in your life than this work and will take precedence (your partner, your child, your own artwork, your degree?):
What does your ideal work situation look like? (Hours, location, environment, team):
Your astrological sign & enneagram number: 
Anything else you would like to share with me or find important to this position: