Made to Order

Hi y'all! 

Moving into 2023, most of our offerings are going to limited and ready to ship. But we will continue to offer small numbers of made-to-order items from time to time! 

Our made to order process is S L O W. We ask kindly that you do not order a made-to-order piece with us, unless you are comfortable being patient. We can only offer an approximate timeline for completion, as we are small team that has limited hours and hands. Our production has been severely affected by changes in the manufacturing world, and it takes a lot longer for our small, local manufacturers to receive fabric + sew our garments for us.

A small change of a 3-4 week wait to 6-7 week wait to receive sewn pieces, can set us back a month or more. This is because in-house, we dye and print on a schedule. When things don't arrive on time, we have to continue honoring the due dates for our other pieces, and the pieces that have arrived late, will be set aside until we can make extra time for them. We of course care deeply, and do our best to honor your order - and we do this by creating slow fashion, handmade pieces that are made to last. We know they are worth the wait! 

We ask that if you do purchase a made-to-order piece with us, know that it will take time - at least one season of the year. And please know that while we do send intermittent updates (usually one email, halfway through production) we cannot respond to every inquiry for an update if you are starting to feel impatient. Please respect our limited time, as we are focused primarily on printing! 

Thank you sincerely for allowing us to create magic for you. 

Sister Nettle