Sister Nettle is a bit different from the standard retail experience. Instead of having items available at all times, we offer "Shop Updates," with different items available in each. This allows us to try out new things and collaborate with many different creators, while also limiting the scope of work for our small team.

In shop updates, we typically offer two different types of sales:
  • MTO (made to order)
  • RTS (ready to ship).
MTO items are purchased during shop updates, and then we get to work assembling all of the components that go into creating them. Seamstresses stitch them up, items are hand-dyed with natural ingredients, they get blockprinted, etc. Due to the amount of steps required to get everything just right, it typically takes 8 - 10 weeks before the item arrives at your door.
RTS items, on the other hand, are pieces that we already have on hand, or don't require the number of steps involved in MTO orders, so we're able to get them to you more quickly. RTS items typically arrive within 2-3 weeks. 
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