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Shipping Timelines

As of 9/15/21:

Winged Spirit Pants: estimated completion early September! (Update - the moss green fabric for pants has been delayed and we will print & ship these pants as soon as they arrive) 

Dark Angelica Skirts: estimated completion late August (delay with fabric - these will be printed and shipped as soon as we receive them - in September)

Yarrow Plant Magic Tees: These tees are silkscreened locally by hand! They will be completed October 18th on the press & shipped out the following Monday.

Chamomile Rompers: estimated completion late September (shipping begins 9/20)

Sinew Moon underthings: estimated completion late September 

Velour Pieces: these are made to order and will be completed through the remainder of 2021

Chamomile Wrap Dresses: estimated completion late November 2021

All presale items ordered on 9/16/21 and later: These items will take 12 weeks to be made and sewn, putting us at mid-December completion. We will aim to get all items out before the holidays if possible!