Taking Care

Each of our handcrafted items comes with care instructions - whether it be botanically dyed, handsewn, blockprinted, or otherwise!  Below you can also reference this information as needed. 

For our standard silkscreened items (tees and long sleeves) they can be machine washed and dried with like garments in cool water. For best color longevity, we do recommend line drying them though!

For our botanically dyed items, we recommend hand washing and line drying (out of direct sun.) Items can be ironed on the appropriate setting for the fabric type.

For our blockprinted items, they can be hand washed, line dried, and ironed on the side opposite of the ink. 

For all other handsewn and natural fiber garments we recommend washing on gentle cycle and line drying. 


Before you buy our natural fiber & botanical dye garments:

Our clothing items are handcrafted using plant-based, biodegradable fibers like linen, silk, bamboo, and hemp. These fibers have differences from most modern clothing, that is polyester based. For more information on each specific fiber, we recommend researching them online! The most common questions we address are about linen and botanical dyes, which we are discussing below.

When wearing linen: When wearing linen garments, please be aware that linen fabric does not stretch. This is why many linen garments are loose fitted and roomy. When trying on or buying linen clothing, keep in mind the importance of a good fit, so that the linen won't be put under too much strain. Areas to note: armpits, waistlines, and the inner crotch seams of pants. If the fit is too snug in these areas, the linen will wear down under frequent stretching and/or friction. This is not a reflection of the quality of the linen, but of the limitations of a natural fiber without stretch. This can sometimes be a result of lifestyle and frequency of use, or body type. Not everyone is suited to wear linen in every style - this is why we offer a variety of different pieces!

** Please note that we do not accept worn returns or refund for wear and tear described above on linen garments. We have tested, worn, and offered many of our linen garments for years now and are confident in their quality and durability when they are worn properly.

When wearing (and washing) botanical dyes: Botanically dyed items can be Ph-reactive due to the nature of plant dyes. Just like citrus can react with other natural liquids or foods, it will often react with the dye in botanical clothing. This can take some getting used to compared to the permanence and colorfast nature of synthetic dyes. Please wear and wash these garments with care, and have realistic expectations - the colors may change, fade, or react to spills. We believe this can add character to a garment, and is just an inherent part of working with natural dyes.