The Bird Bath Long Sleeve

$37.00 $47.00

Five sweet birds circling around & dipping in and out of their watering hole. Or, if you're the other half of our customers - you might see blackbirds flying out of a pie like a very (very) old rhyme goes :) 

Either way, we hope you love this offering.

Botanically dyed in-house with black walnut, 100% cotton USA grown - These are limited in-stock (this is the only batch of them, ever!) and ready-to-ship.

I am modeling a size small in photos.

Unisex Sizing:  

Body Length 27.5"
Chest Width 19" 
Sleeve Length 24.25"

Body Length 28.5"
Chest Width 21"
Sleeve Length 24 5/8"

Body Length 29.5"
Chest Width 23"
Sleeve Length 24 7/8"

Body Length 30 5/8"
Chest Width 25"
Sleeve Length 25 1/8"

Body Length 31 5/8"
Chest Width 27"
Sleeve Length 25 3/8"


This batch is RTS and will ship out on 12/16.