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Silk "Indigo River" - Botanically Dyed by Wild Verbena

Indigo River is the scarf wrapping around the right and bottom of the second photo!

Wrap yourself in wearable medicine. Hand dyed medicinal plants, flowers, and natural dyes. Made in ceremony with love and intention by Kristy of Wild Verbena. 

This 100% silk scarf measures 15" by 60" and is dyed with indigo leaf, rose, coleus, marigold, and iron.

A little about Kristy's work with Wild Verbena: 

Wild Verbena was birthed in part through years of personal experience as a woman realizing the natural beauty of healthy skin, instead of the layering of chemical-ridden products that damage and conceal rather than heal. Additionally, my studies with plant spirit medicine and deep remembrance of ancestral ways of healing, utilizing mother nature’s gifts, informed the formulations of my products. I wanted to create approachable herbal based products that are free of chemicals and heal naturally.

My products are made with high vibrational ingredients, created in sacred space in Asheville, and infused with reiki & good vibes.