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This listing is for a custom pair of jeans (or overalls, pants) and works as follows: 

- Purchase this listing.
- Receive an email from us ( within 48 hours with shipping instructions.
- Send your jeans to us within 7 days (keep your tracking info) and the cut-off date for receipt is 3 weeks. We do not print jeans received later than this date (8/12/21) and sending us an email about late sending does not change that. Thank you for understanding! 
- We print your jeans with WHITE ink with the design as shown, and send them back to you within 6 weeks of the order date (9/2/21.)
- They are sent back to you at the address you enter with the purchase of this listing. 

- If a misprint occurs that isn’t salvageable, I will offer you the jeans at a discounted rate, a refund, or a store credit based on the situation. Any minor imperfections come with the nature of this printing work and are not refundable.

- There are no cancellations for these orders and you will not be refunded for an order in which you don't send us your jeans within the time frame. This is a very involved process for us, and we can only offer a limited number of listings, and rely on you all to follow-through on your end. Thanks so much! 

* Items to send in: 
- Full-length pants (no cropped pants or shorts - ankle biters are fine!)
- Jeans, Linen, Canvas - we prefer natural fibers or blends
- No yoga pants! 
- Please wash your items before sending them to us 
- White ink is the only option - choose your pants color wisely!