Goodnight Coyote Tee

$37.00 $37.00

The Coyote tee has been reimagined for 2022, y'all! This version is so near and dear to my heart. This piece encapsulates Coyote, Mugwort, Datura, Maidenhair Fern, Hummingbirds, Spider + Web, Candlelight, Sunlight, and Starlight.

100% cotton, USA grown and ethically sewn. 

Length x Width x Sleeve Length

XS 261/2 in.17 in.77/8 in.
271/2 in.19 in.81/8 in.
281/2 in.21 in.83/8 in.
291/2 in.23 in.85/8 in.
XL 301/2 in.25 in.87/8 in.
2XL 311/2 in.27 in.91/8 in.