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Sister Nettle Indigo Cosmos Top

This top is hand sewn and botanically dyed with Indigo, by Kristin of Small Batch Farm. It is 100% organic cotton muslin. It is then blockprinted by hand with ink that is custom mixed for every top. The stamps used are playful drawings of Bee Balm and Cosmos flowers. The fit is a cropped, boxy look. Each of these is truly one-of-a-kind due to the nature of the dye work and the printing, which changes based on the landscape of blues.

We have two sizes: s/m and l/xl. Their dimensions are as follows:

s/m - 22" wide, 17.5" long 
l/xl: 24.5" wide, 19.5" long

We are also offering two colors based on ink: Sky (light blue) and Bee Balm (purply-pink)