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Luna Roots x Sister Nettle - Prism of Petals Beam Balm

'Prism of Petals' Beam Balm 

This petal infused prismatic shimmer balm was created exclusively for Sister Nettle by Luna Roots Magick! 
It is soaked with the vibrational and healing essences of  flowers that bestow their magical gifts, while radiating a whimsical sparkling effect to any where you desire.  Apply this highlight to the tops of cheekbones, corners of the eyes, glide across the decolate or even mix in with your favorite oil for an all over ethereal glow. 
The oil base of this simmering potion is Organic Jojoba oil stepped for weeks with a loving flower blend, each blossom chosen for its special properties.

Rose- The revered flower of eternal grace and beauty always reminds us to soften our being and love unconditionally. 
Lavender-This aromatic flowering ally is known to awaken us to the power of our higher mind and enliven our  intuition, while bringing peace and clarity. 
Elderflower- The sweet summer blossoms that encourage more magical living while connecting us to our fairy selves. 
Chamomile- These nostalgically scented, soothing blooms show up for us in times we need to remember to nurture our inner child and to always make time for play!
Borage-  These star shaped petals offer psychic power enhancing magic and cosmic protection. 
Blue Lotus- these blooms of intuitive intelligence invite us to take a deeper dive within our own enchanted selves and honor the unique gifts that we hold.

Full Ingredients: Flower infusion of Lavender, Chamomile, Rose, Elderflower, Borage and BLue Lotus in organic golden Jojoba oil. Vermont beeswax.Cera Bellina Wax.  Silica. Mica. Calcium Sodium Borosilicate. Rosemary Antioxidant. Manganese Violet.