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MOON STAR SUN Elixir Trio - Limited Edition

This trio of elixirs is rooted in the myth of Persephone. It was dreamt up by me, Meg, in the midst of my own year of crises and underworld traversing - and I asked some of my most trusted friends and herbalists to co-create it with me. Tori of Cedar Hill Homestead, Kathryn of Perspephone's Path, and Meg of Flora Wellness each created their respective elixir: the Moon, the Star, the Sun. 

Many of the ingredients are wild foraged and seasonal, making this an offering limited only to this season, this year. We created it as a personal project, medicine for ourselves - and medicine for the collective; which we see now is so needed in the world.

The MOON - crafted by Tori of Cedar Hill Homestead 

Ingredients: Wood Betony, Clary Sage, Violet, Mugwort, Anemone, Anise Seed, Honey, Organic Cane Alcohol, Spring Water.

This is the first offering in the moon star sun trio. The MOON marks the time we spend in the underworld, navigating our trauma and most difficult experiences.

The STAR - crafted by Kathryn of Persephone's Path 

Ingredients: Extracts of Cedar, Orange & Vanilla, Honey, Essences of Crocus, Daffodil, Lilac, Datura, Yew Tree.

This is the second offering in the moon star sun trio. The STAR marks the ascension moment in a journey, when we reconcile our past with our future, and reclaim power.

The SUN - crafted by Meg of Flora Wellness 

Ingredients: Extracts of wildcrafted Honeysuckle, Mimosa, Empress Flower, Angelica Seed & Speedwell, Extracts of organic Grapefruit Peel & Marigold, Lemon Balm Hydrosol, Honey. 

This is the third and final offering in the moon star sun trio. The SUN marks a completion of a journey through the underworld & out, into the world of light. 

These elixirs are sold as a set of three, one ounce each. Each elixir comes with a card telling a more in-depth story of the Elixir trio and my own understanding of each phase in this journey. 

I hope sincerely that each set finds the spirit who needs it, to feel held, seen, encouraged, and celebrated as they move their own trauma, grief, pain, and eventually, healing.


A little about each maker:

Tori Fillmore Vito- Cedarhill Homestead

Tori is a community herbalist living in the hills of Tennessee. Her herbal practice, though inspired by her enchantment with nature, has been heavily influenced by the pragmatism and necessity for alternative remedies in the South. Her work is a reflection of the needs of her community and her love of diversity in the plant world.

Kathryn Solie- Persephone’s Path

Kathryn finds it difficult to explain what she does, since there isn’t really a word for it that she has found that feels quite right. She is primarily known for her work with poisonous plant medicine and plant consciousness communication, but she usually just tells people that she’s an herbalist. She works and lives in Rhode Island.

Meg Edwards- Flora Wellness

Meg is an herbalist, forager and teacher in Knoxville, Tennessee. Through foraging and harvesting wild medicinal plants & foods, Meg finds that connection to the earth and a reciprocal relationship with our eco-systems are some of the most healing aspects of her work. With the herbs she harvests, she creates medicinal tinctures, elixirs &  teas, skincare goods, and tasty foraged flower syrups. Her goal is to make abundant health and wellness more accessible to all people through teaching about herbalism and foraging.