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Indigo + Natural Velour Jumpsuit

These jumpsuits are a very limited offering we are exploring with Sinew Moon! Each piece is sewn by Sinew Moon and dyed in-house with Indigo by Sister Nettle. They are very labor-intensive, and we are only offering a small number this year. 

Each piece is one-of-a-kind due to the botanical dye techniques used. The velour is a 30% hemp/ 70% cotton blend that is thick and lush, at 8.3 oz.

The fulfillment time for these pieces will range from October to December 2021 - we process small batches of about 12 at a time and 1-2 times a month. Orders are filled based on date of order.


*Note that these are the newer, double-v style of jumpsuit from Sinew Moon. This has a slightly more fitted look, a deep v on both back and front, and smaller arm holes. 

Bust: 33"-36"
Waist: 25"-30"
Hips: 35"-38"

Bust: 37"-40"
Waist: 31"-35"
Hips: 39"-42"