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(Presale) FLOWER BASKET tee

These tees are a new Sister Nettle staple!  They are 100% cotton, a 6.5 oz. tee that is solid and sturdy, and does not have much stretch. The tees are made with USA grown cotton, and sewn and dyed here in the US ethically. 

This design was created with fertility and the harvest in mind. The idea of crafting a beautiful holding space to gather and care for whatever you may steward in this life - plants, animals, little humans. As a new mom, this design for me was a prayer to my own motherhood, carrying my son in the womb, and now outside of the body, but still with me always. My prayer for you, the wearer, is that your pack basket be sturdy and your harvest be full always.

*note that these tees have a collar and are shipped intact. we have a short video on Instagram in our highlights showing how to cut the collar out! 

These tees are currently MTO so that we can offer every color in every size. Shipping time is about 3 weeks! 

Size Chart: (length, width, sleeve length)

XS 67.5 cm 43 cm 20 cm
S 70 cm 48.5 cm 20.5 cm
M 72.5 cm 53.5 cm 21.5 cm
L 75 cm 58.5 cm 22 cm
XL 75 cm 63.5 cm 22.5 cm
2XL 80 cm 68.5 cm 23 cm