*Custom* Quilted Modal Bomber Jacket


Mini-drop of these made-to-order jackets!

See all of the sizing, fabric, and care information here.

Customization: We will reach out to you before printing, for your ink color choice + stamp selection for the pockets. (You are welcome to propose any ideas to us, but we can only guarantee offering a stamp within our existing line-up, and in a size that fits the pockets.)

Please note the shipping timelines for each color option:
8-10 week timeline: Olive and Black
Early November: Khaki

* Do not order the Khaki jacket if you are not comfortable with waiting FIVE months for your jacket. We do not control this timeline - it is when Richer Poorer is releasing the new colorway.

Once printed, these jackets are not returnable. They are a custom item with your ink & design selection.