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Rhiannon's Dream - Foraged Tea Blend

- Sister Nettle x Flora Wellness Collaborative Offering - 

Life is cyclical, rather than linear. Remembering this can be a gentle gift to ourselves, as the outside world pushes a linear timeline on us. Yet many of our bodies are bound to cyclical moons and seasons of loss and expansion, in very physical ways.

In order to move through the cycles of moons, seasons, and life - we require nourishment in ways attuned to where we are at. This infusion/tea blend is filled with foraged and organically grown herbs that are high in minerals like silica, magnesium, and calcium - as well as nervine herbs that tonify and nourish the nervous system. This blend is not overly sedating or relaxing but will strengthen the tone of the nervous system, so that we can better withstand the stresses of change.

Each bag is approximately 1 ounce of tea blend. 

The ingredients in this tea blend are oatstraw, lemongrass, elderflower, lemon balm, damiana, black raspberry leaf, violet leaf & flower. All ingredients are either responsibly wildcrafted, grown-in house, or organic.