Sister Smoke Pre-Rolls


Note that our current jars have organic roses in them - they can be used for tea or whatever you feel called to do with them! 💗

- Sister Nettle x Flora Wellness Collaborative Offering - Herbal Smoke Blend

Sister Smoke was created for practical daily use, or ceremonial, ritual use - being around smoke is an ancestral practice that connects the past to the present and future. The plants in this blend are meant to be mildly calming and relaxing, while also calling forth creative thoughts and sweet memories. Like a little love note to your spirit, this blend is for creating space to breathe, and see what comes up to the surface like a wisp of plant smoke. 

This blend is formulated and mixed by Flora Wellness, and the offering is completed in-house by Sister Nettle. The herbal smoke blend consists of Mullein, Damiana, Marshmallow root, Rose, Lemon Verbena, May Pop leaves, Skullcap, Licorice Root, and Tennessee honey. 

The pre-rolls come in a re-usable glass jar with a bamboo wood lid, are filled with flower confetti grown here in Tennessee, and contain six slim pre-rolls that are hand-filled by us! 

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