The Web + The Daydream Custom Garment (Spring 2022 - Presale)


*Important* Note that this listing is now for Spring 2022 custom garments. We will be working through these orders as they are placed from January to March 2022. Please be aware of the wait time, due to being custom made to your selection of size, fabric, style, and color. These are also non-returnable/cancelable. We will reach out in December 2021 to get your choice of garment and begin production then! 

This offering is so customizable I can't officially call it a dress or a jumpsuit! The theme remains the same throughout - Samhain, the thinning of the veil, the dance between life + death, the pause or the quiet when listening - 

Wearing this piece is like spinning in a chilly field at dusk, looking to the horizon or up into the branches of pines. I imagine the crackling of fire, the damp cold of fingers coming in from outside, the coziness of a house that is a home both to you and other beings - like the spider in the corner nook, and perhaps your own shadows you've made peace with or are attempting to. 

Lighting a candle, saying a soft prayer, not being afraid of the duality of life, of this time of year - so much as trusting in that through the knowing, through the going through it - we take flight. Like the wing of a crow.

What does this time, this story tell for you? Along with the existing design, you will also be able to choose to add 1-2 items from the selected list below, which are being carved for the first batch of dresses:

- branch with thorns & rose hips
- bunch of blackberries
- hearth broom
- scythe
- mandrake root
- pomegranate 
- serpent

(I am open to other requests but retain the right to ask that you ultimately choose from the list above <3) 

This pattern is intuitively placed without pattern - forming around the abdomen and body like a veil on ink draping across fabric and your form. 

Your customizable options: 

Style of Garment:
Long Sleeved Hemp Jersey Midi Dress
Long Sleeved Hemp Thermal Kaftan
Short Sleeved/Sleeveless Hemp Thermal Kaftan
Jumpsuit Hemp Jersey (short or tall) 

*Pockets: Midi dress, Jumpsuit
*No Pockets: Thermal Kaftan

*See the bottom of this listing for links to examples of each style!

Fabric Options: 
Hemp Jersey (shown in Rose hips on the midi dress & Nevada on the jumpsuit)
Hemp Thermal (shown in Stealin on the thermal kaftan) 

Color Options: 
Rose Hips (soft beiges/dusty pink and maroon hues)
Nevada (soft to medium brown hues with some green shadow)
Stealin (light to medium cool blue hues) 
Shadow (warm pinks, purple, beiges, and some brown tones)
Wisteria (cool purples, pinks, and grays)

Please note that at checkout we just need to know your style of garment choice. We will follow up with you to finalize your color selection over email after your purchase is placed (except for the rose hip dresses - which are already made!) 

Due to the very custom nature of these pieces, we will not be accepting cancellations or returns on these garments. 

Sinew Moon sizing & FAQ on their garments: FAQ - Sinew Moon
Note that the l/xl can comfortably fit up to 2xl. 

Fulfillment time for the Rosehips dresses is late December/beginning of 2022. 
Fulfillment time for any other item is January/February 2022. 


The below are examples of the STYLE of garment, not color or fabric.

Example of the long sleeve kaftan: Pinch of Grace Oversize Kaftan ~ Long Sleeve ~ (Malachite Hemp Jersey) - Sinew Moon

Example of the short/no sleeve kaftan: Pinch of Grace Oversize Kaftan (Wisteria Hemp Jersey) - Sinew Moon
Pinch of Grace Oversize Kaftan (Shadow Bamboo Stretch) - Sinew Moon

Example of the long sleeve midi dress: SCORCHED EARTH Saturday's Child Double V Midi Dress ~Long Sleeve~ (Hem - Sinew Moon

Example of the jumpsuit: Saturday's Child Jumpsuit (Lichen Hemp Stretch) - Sinew Moon