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Beeswax Twisted Sister Candle

Once Upon a Willow Tree is run by Morgan, who tends to the bees, harvests their honey and beeswax, and dips each beeswax candle by hand. She is based near Nashville, TN, and we are so honored to offer these beautiful ritual pieces from her. 

Here are Morgan's words on the Twisted Sister Candles:

Two beeswax tapers twisted into one. Each one is different and unique. These candles are hand dipped and made from beeswax from our farm here in middle Tennessee. As with all our candles, there are imperfections and a few lumps that resemble a warty, crone finger. 

The Twisted Sister is a unique addition to your altar or burned for ritual. Range from 5-7'' and would be for approximately 4-6 hours. Be cautious of hot wax drips. 

And a little about Morgan herself:

Morgan lives in Gallatin, Tennessee, where she tends to bees. She also travels with them when contracted for cross country pollinations. Learning from the bees has changed her life in the best way possible. Their collective work, their divine feminine nature, the ways in which they care for the Mother, all while pollinating crops for food and flowers for beauty or medicines. It is rewarding work to receive their lessons and bounties. Working so closely to the bees, she has learned ways to create products with their abundance. With that abundance Morgan offers herbal infused honey, cut comb honey, propolis, bee pollen, and hand dipped beeswax candles.