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Yarrow Hand-Dipped Beeswax Candle

This listing is for one large Yarrow beeswax candle. The smaller size is between 6-8'' and 2-2.5'' around. The larger size is on average between 8-10'' in length and between 2.5-3'' around. These candles burn on average 1'' per half hour. Be cautious of hot wax drips. 

Once Upon a Willow Tree is run by Morgan, who tends to the bees, harvests their honey and beeswax, and dips each beeswax candle by hand. She is based near Nashville, TN, and we are so honored to offer these beautiful ritual pieces from her. 

The Yarrow used is grown locally, harvested and wrapped around a hand dipped beeswax candle. True labor of love. Crafted with intention.