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About Us

Sister Nettle is a collection of collaborative pieces: dyed, sewn, printed, embroidered, woven, beaded, crafted, dipped, foraged, blended, and perfected by artists and craftswomen. 

Our vision is to create beautiful, life-enriching products that support beautiful, life-enriching livelihoods. 

Sister Nettle is inspired by the sentience in nature, the healing power of plants and art, and the regenerative medicine of working with our hands and with each other. We hope to offer a thread of this magic to all who interact with our work. 


Owned and imagined by Meg Borukhovsky in Nashville, Tennessee - Sister Nettle is based out of a small cabin outside of the city where we heat with wood and step out into the woods beyond for photoshoots.

With a team of printers, sewists, and dye artists, we create all that we offer. In collaboration with so many others, the garments, artwork, and collaborative boutique offerings are made by hand, using sustainable and natural materials, often sourced locally. Many of our garments are sewn here in Nashville, or by hand in the homes of different sewists. The remainder are sewn ethically here in the US. All of our botanical items are dyed on porches, in kitchens, or backyards. We blockprint by hand in-house, and have our silkscreened items printed by a local shop. 

Sister Nettle is a labor of love, collaboration, and imagination for the future of ethical fashion and beauty, on a personal & local scale. We hope to offer the world a different, more sincere and authentic shopping experience that touches a different space of the heart and offers a new way forward into relationship with makers & artists. 


Meg & the Sister Nettle team