Frequently Asked Questions

Sister Nettle started off on Instagram, but as our following grew, so did the number of DMs. We can't promise we'll catch your message if you send it on social media, so please direct all inquiries to hello@sisternettle.com or by using the form on our Contact Page if you need to get in touch. We are here to answer all emails and correspondence Tuesday-Thursday every week!

Sister Nettle is a bit different from the standard retail experience. Instead of having items available at all times, we offer "Shop Updates," with different items available in each. This allows us to try out new things and collaborate with many different creators, while also limiting the scope of work for our small team.

In shop updates, we typically offer two different types of sales: MTO (made to order) and RTS (ready to ship).
MTO items are purchased during shop updates, and then we get to work assembling all of the components that go into creating them. Seamstresses stitch them up, items are hand-dyed with natural ingredients, they get blockprinted, etc. Due to the amount of steps required to get everything just right, it typically takes 8 - 10 weeks before the item arrives at your door.
RTS items, on the other hand, are pieces that we already have on hand, or don't require the number of steps involved in MTO orders, so we're able to get them to you more quickly. RTS items typically arrive within 2-3 weeks. 
For information about future shop updates and items, be sure to follow Sister Nettle on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page!
Items that are marked sold out are just that--sold out. I'm sorry you weren't able to grab one this time, but if you sign up to the newsletter on our homepage, we'll send you information about future updates and restocking of that item.
MTO (made to order) items will ship in 10-12 weeks, due to the nature of our items being hand-dyed, sewn, and printed. It takes time to get things just right.

RTS (ready to ship) items are already on hand and waiting for you, though, so they typically ship within 1-2 weeks.

See a shipping timeline for specific items ordered here.

We've got a lot on our plate at the moment, so we're unable to take any custom orders, sorry!

Typically, yes! We accept returns on all clothing items except for underwear and items sold discounted or on sale. We do not except returns on our non-clothing, boutique, or custom items.

Clothing needs to be returned unworn, unwashed, and undamaged. If the item returns later than 30 days after receipt or appears to be used or worn in any way, we reserve the right to deny your return. *If you are at all unhappy with your garment upon arrival, contact us for a return - do not wash or alter the garment in any way, as this voids our return policy.*

To return an item, please contact us at hello@sisternettle.com and we will send you shipping instructions to send the item back at your expense. Most items can be shipped first class and since most are under 16 oz, it will usually be no more than $5. 

At the moment, we cannot offer exchanges as a standard option. Due to the one of a kind, MTO nature of our work and the size of our team, it just isn't feasible to stay on top of special cases like that. They are sometimes possible on a one-on-one basis, although we can't guarantee an exchange.

It becomes too confusing when we try to combine orders placed at different times and on different updates, so we're unable to bundle them. If you need to, we can cancel a previous order for it to be placed again with additional items to save on shipping and keep everything on one invoice, though.

Our compostable packaging reduces shipping waste, though, so you don't have to worry about any added environmental impact!

Due to the logistics of managing orders, we don't offer customization or changes to orders that have already been paid for, but if you contact us within 48 hours of purchase and request to cancel, we will honor a cancellation within that time frame so you can re-purchase with the necessary changes. Adding them in manually ourselves just increases the risk that we'll end up making a mistake on your order.

When you place a domestic order, you have two shipping options depending on the value and weight of the order: first class or priority. First class is an inexpensive alternative to priority, that can be great for less expensive items. Please note, however, that first class packages are not insured.
Priority shipping is insured up to $50, and additional insurance can be purchased. Please note that if a priority package goes missing or is damaged, the recipient is responsible for filing the claim with USPS as of USPS' 2019 changes to insurance filing. Sister Nettle cannot file the claim for you, and is not responsible for packages that are lost, damaged, or broken once shipped. 

When you place an international order, the shipping option you choose determines if your package is insured in transit or not. First class shipping is not tracked or insured, priority international is. Once the package is scanned by USPS, it is out of our hands & we are not liable for a lost package that is uninsured. Due to the number of delays & lost international packages during 2020, this policy is the only way we are able to continue offering international shipping at all. Thank you for understanding.

We ask that you try to have the correct address entered at checkout to ensure that your package gets to the correct location. If for some reason you need to correct the address, we need to receive notification of this within 3 hours of an order being placed. If you are changing an order for a presale item that isn't shipping for several weeks, please let us know as soon as possible when the address needs changed. We cannot guarantee we will be able to coordinate the address change and shipping if they overlap - for instance, if our shipping team is working on orders in the morning and our customer service team doesn't get to your email until after it's been processed. This is rare, and usually we are more than happy to change your shipping address - but please be aware that we cannot reimburse you for a package sent to the address you entered when the order was placed, if the change request doesn't happen in time.

We do! We ship everywhere. Please be aware that if import duties are required when your order arrives in your country, you are responsible for that payment. We do not cover the cost of international import duties.

Looking for care instructions? See here.