Blockprinting Class Recording


In this class, we will be learning the basics of blockprinting on textiles, walking through creating and printing an altar cloth for a conception, pregnancy, or birth altar. You will walk away knowing how to begin carving and printing on fabric, along with a printable pdf of sister nettle designs to use to create your own unique textile. 

During class, we will review the tools and materials needed. We will be covering the process of transferring a drawn design onto rubber, carving out the design and completing a stamp, and printing with the stamps on a piece of fabric to create a finished product. I will be offering tips and reminders that I find helpful in creating a beautiful and long lasting piece. You will be provided with a materials list and a pdf file of the finished artwork to print. The imagery is yours to recreate with (for personal use) and can be utilized in group settings for women's gatherings or blessing ways as well. 

This is a non-refundable purchase and you will receive two shared drive links to the content after purchasing. The links are manually sent out and will take 1-2 business days, thank you for your patience!