EXPANDING HEART | fine art print


This print is a high quality, fine art print created on Canson Edition Etching paper, which has a soft, textured matte look and feel. 

The print measures exactly 11" x 14" with no border - so it will fit directly into an 11x14 frame if you so choose to frame it. 

I created this piece in the third trimester of my wild pregnancy, as I would often bathe or lay in bed and meditate, or travel internally, pondering the creative and gestational power of this time. It was as if my entire world was unfurling like a cosmic garden in my mind's eye, up and around me and my womb, like an auric field of power. I believe the creative power of women to be inherently bound to our bodies, and this art honors that incredible journey and rite of passage. 

This piece is an ode to motherhood: striving for, visioning, and attaining our highest selves through the integral spiritual path of mothering. Specifically, this piece came through me as I birthed my second baby, and in integrating into life with two - I feel the energy of my older child around me, much like a celebrating fairy welcoming new life into our home, and keeping me busy and lively alongside him. Within my arms - the new babe, and the specific experience I went through welcoming her into my life in the very first week earthside. It was truly angelic and radiant.

May all mothers experience such joy amongst the refining aspects of motherhood to balanced both.

May this piece protect, honor, and comfort you as you journey within and without on the path of motherhood.