Milk Mother Greeting Card


These high quality greeting cards are printed on Hemp paper with an uncoated (matte) finish. They come with one envelope per card.

The inside is blank for your own message, and the back contains an ode to breastfeeding written by Emily Hancock of

To nurse a baby is to be a bridge. A bridge from womb to world. From astral unknowns to Earthly delight. From soul to soul. The milk we make is not neutral, it is wholesomeness made tangible, is is goodness manifest. In a place and time so wrought with malignant sterility, being a beacon of bountiful nourishment and vital abundance is a crown on our heads, a reminder of what we are made of, a blessing of servitude.

Making milk is an act of care and devotion to beauty, to the feminine, to the earth and to the flowers, to the sweet souls we may bridge from the before that exists within us to the after that is life. Bare-breasted, swollen, sticky and round, the new mother does the work of every women before, a living prayer full of ancestral love, giving with no bounds. Made of blood, alchemized into overflowing gentleness. Just as we water the wheat field in order to eat well, we nurse our babies so that they may live well. Mother’s milk is a devotion to hope.