WOMB DREAMS | fine art print


This print is a high quality, fine art print created on Canson Edition Etching paper, which has a soft, textured matte look and feel. 

The print measures exactly 8x10 and 11x14 with no border - so it will fit directly into a frame if you so choose to frame it. 

I created this piece in the third trimester of my wild pregnancy, as I would often bathe or lay in bed and meditate, or travel internally, pondering the creative and gestational power of this time. It was as if my entire world was unfurling like a cosmic garden in my mind's eye, up and around me and my womb, like an auric field of power. I believe the creative power of women to be inherently bound to our bodies, and this art honors that incredible journey and rite of passage. 

The swans can have multiple meanings - they are either you and your lover, or you and your baby - or perhaps, like for me - they are your former and future self, meeting over the arching precipice of birth, coming together to be changed forever. While two distinct selves, you are joined forever and cannot be separated again. This might be your maiden to mother path, or a deepening of the mother path as you are reborn again with another baby. 

The colors of this piece are deep, dreamy, and represent a deep internal landscape I would often visit in my pregnancy alone. Almost like a body of water at night, I would visit the waters of the unknown and sit with everything that surfaced, grew, and presented itself to me. It's both romantic, ethereal, and not without its own shadow to be faced.

May this piece protect, honor, and comfort you as you journey within and without on the path of motherhood.